St John's Deaf Table Tennis Club is organised by Secretary - Jorg Christoph .

Chairman - Omar Hussien and Treasurer- Ali


We are part of the North Middlesex Table Tennis League  and Central London.

We are a member of the English Table Tennis Association.


We currently have a team in Divsion 3, click here to see the league website

We have home and away games, our home matches are on Tuesdays at the Deaf Club, feel free to come along, watch and support us!


When we do not have a home or away match, we will be training!


If you would like to join, feel free to contact Jorg, we will let you know when our training sessions are on.


If you would like to pratice and kick-start your table tennis skills, come to the Deaf Club on Friday's Social Night and use our training table tennis table!

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