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Past Events

This has been successful so far with lots of events this past year, to give some examples, we have had (please click on the unlined text to see text, photos and video);


July 2016

Chris Baker Tour 15th Friday


May 2016

Power in our Hands Film history 20th Friday

SJDFC won Football Plate Cup Final 8th Saturday


April 2016

5x3 Dominoes Championship 26th Tuesday

RAD Tax Advice Service 1st Friday


February 2016

Military Whist 20th Saturday

RAD Awards - we came Second for the most motived Club


December 2015

Snooker Championship 12th Saturday


October 2015

First Aid Training - 2nd Group  9th Thursday


September 2015

First Aid Training - 1st Group  21st  Sunday


May  2015

Fire Warden Training - 3rd Group 31st Sunday


February  2015

Fire Warden Training - 2nd Group 1st Sunday


November 2014

Fire Warden Training - 1st Group 30th Sunday


May 2014

Colin Allen - President (WFD) Presentation on the work of the WFD 2nd Friday


December 2013

Centennial Adults New Year Eve Party 31st Tuesday

Christmas Deaf Poker 28th Saturday

Centennial Children Christmas Party 14th Saturday


November 2013

Centennial Official Opening Party Saturday 30th

Centennial Grand Bingo Saturday 23rd

Centennial Deaf Poker Tournament Saturday 16th

Centennial Deaf Darts Tourament Saturday 9th

Centennial Hallowe'en Adults Party  Friday 1st


October 2013

Centennial Hallowe'en Family Party 27th Sunday

Centennial Grand German Whist 19th Saturday

Deaf Catwalk Show 12th Saturday


September 2013

Women Poker Tournament 14th Saturday


August 2013

Futsal Football Tournament 17th Saturday

Poker Tournament 16th Friday


July 2013

Game Cube 12th Friday


June 2013

8th St John's Foundation

8th St John's Deaf Club Blessing 8th June 2013


May 2013

Women's First Poker Tournament 11th May 2013


o   Halloween Party, 46 children and 70 adults in November 2011


o   St John's Deaf Club wins an Award from the BDA 2012


o   Easter Childrens’ Party, 18 children with their parents in April 2011


o   Royal Wedding, over 100 people in attendence in April 2011


o   Deal or No Deal Events, 50 people in September and December 2011


o   Children’s Christmas Party, 46 children with their parents in December 2011, this was a partnership with Deaf Parenting UK


o   New Year’s Eve Family Party, 60 children and 110 adults in December 2011


o   Celebrating the opening of St Johns Deaf Club February 2011