St John's Deaf German Whist

2015 - 2016

Every 3rd Sunday

2pm – 9pm


11th November 2015           19th June 2016

17th December 2015            27th July 2016

17th January 2016                 21st August 2016

21st  February 2016              18st September  2016

20th March 2016                   16th October 2016

20th April 2016                       20th November 2016

17th May 2016                       18th December 2016


17th October 2015 Grand German whist

15th October 2016 Grand German whist

St John’s Deaf German Whist Club is organised by Roy Pickering and Deborah Drew.

This happens on the 3rd week of every month from 2pm to 9pm on Sunday.

During the day, our kitchen is open for food and drinks!

Everyone is welcome to join and play, just turn up on the day!





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