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St John's Deaf Club Events 2014


Regular Events

Deaf Social Club  - on Fridays from 7pm to 11pm

50+ Club  - on Fridays from 11am to 4pm

Redtooth Poker  - on Mondays from 7pm – 11pm

German Whist  - on 3rd Sunday every month from 2pm to 9pm

Youth Club - on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6.30pm


Throughout the year, we will organise a number of events such as our annual Easter, Hallowe'en, Christmas Parties along with other events organised by our various sections.


For specific section event dates, please do have a look in the section's page. Here are a number of events we have organised for this year;




It is hard work organising events, we need a team of volunteers so please, if you are interested in joining, speak to us!