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We opened on Friday 6th January 2012 with 17 people in attendance, the numbers have increased every week, now we have over 40 people!


This is every week on Fridays, from 11am to 4pm and all over the age of 50 year olds are welcome to join, this is organised by Mike Hawthorne.


Although, if you are slightly younger e.g. 40 years and have to retire due to medical reasons, then please do join us, just bring a doctor’s note explaining your medical reasons.


Every week, we have different activities throughout the day such as card games and bingo.

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   Organiser    Mike Hawthorne            Committee    Gerard Maguire          

   Treasurer    Deborah Drew                                     Roy Pickering

   Canteen      Shirley Heath                                       Lilian Hiscock

   Bingo           Mary Twinberrow                                Teresa Schofield  

   Bar              Deborah Drew                                     Karen Griffin

                       Mike Hawthorne                                  James Moore

                       Gerard Maguire

Date of Events :- 2015 - 2016


June 5th     Whist bingo           Dec 4th      Xmas bingo

June 12th   Bingo                     Dec 11th    Bingo

June 19th   Bingo                     Dec 18th    Bingo

June 26th   Bingo                     Dec 25th    Closed

July 3rd      Whist bingo            Jan 1st      Closed

July 10th    Bingo                      Jan 8th      4 years anniversary

July 17th    Bingo                      Jan 15th    Bingo

July 24th    Bingo                      Jan 22nd   Bingo

July 31st    Bingo                      Jan 29th    Bingo

Aug 7th      Whist bingo            Feb 5th     Whist bingo

Aug 14th    Bingo                      Feb 12th   Valentine bingo

Aug 21st    Bingo                      Feb 19th   Bingo

Aug 28th    Bingo                      Feb 26th   Bingo

Sept 4th     Whist bingo            Mar 4th     Whist bingo

Sept 11th   Bingo                      Mar 11th   Bingo

Sept 18th   Bingo                      Mar 18th   Bingo

Sept 25th   Bingo                      Mar 25th   Closed (good Friday)

Oct 2nd      Whist bingo            Apr 1st      Easter bingo

Oct 9th       Bingo                      Apr 8th     Bingo

Oct 16th     Bingo                      Apr 15th   Bingo

Oct 23rd     Bingo                     Apr 22nd   Bingo

Oct 30th     Halloween bingo    Apr 29th    Bingo

Nov 6th      Whist bingo            May 6th    Whist bingo

Nov 13th    Bingo                      May 13th  Bingo

Nov 20th    Bingo                      May 20th  Bingo

Nov 27th    Bingo                      May 27th  Bingo